Sharlotte Hughes Photography | Festivals

2013 WD Antique Car with Wooden Spokes2013 WD Bob Whitaker Memorial Tractor2013 WD Cavalry Flag Presentation Parade2013 WD Children Gathering Candy Parade2013 WD Clean Up Detail2013 WD Clown Horse2013 WD Clown in Straw Hat2013 WD Duck2013 WD Farmall Tractor2013 WD Farmers Market Truck2013 WD First Group of Horses2013 WD Flint Hills Band2013 WD Flint Hills Gunslingers2013 WD Horse Drawn Buggy2013 WD JD Tractor 22013 WD JD Tractor2013 WD Kiddie Train2013 WD Kiddie Train2013 WD Kizz Breast Cancer Goodbye2013 WD Kizz Breast Cancer Goodbye