The photos in this gallery have been edited to resemble a sketch. They have a vintage sepia tone and layers of texture. Each has fine details as if done in pen and ink, but are actually photos that have been edited to appear as a sketch drawing.
2015_05_21_00669-6 Limestone FarmhouseThe Back Pasture in Vintage Sketch5032jVS Wilsey CafeHelmick Road Sentinel in Vintage SketchSoaking up the Rays in Vintage SketchWindmill on Kelso Road 1 in Vintage SketchWindmill on Kelso Road 4 in Vintage SketchAgainst the Storm in Vintage SketchHouse at Wilsey Corner in Vintage SketchWagon on a TrestleFarm in a Windswept Snow 1 VSFrye Farm in Vintage SketchWagon on the Trestle 3Wagon on the Trestle 2Hwy 5 Farm Hot Springs Arkansas VS1IMG_0908a VS Way Past Lived In 1IMG_0909a VS Way Past Lived InHouse on 4 Mile Road 3 Vintage SketchHouse on 4 Mile Road Panorama 1House on 4 Mile Road Panorama 3 Vintage Sketch