Pine Needles and Cones 2012Wildlife Area WildflowersLeaves of Three in Black and WhiteLeaves of Three in SepiaLeaves of ThreeIMG_9265a1 Summer FuzziesIMG_9611bx1000 Shumach Seed ClustersIMG_9636bx1000 Grasshopper and Pine Cone 3IMG_9640bx1000 Thistle Blossoms 1IMG_9610bx1000  2 White Berries in SummerIMG_9614bx1000 Yellow Berries 2IMG_9620bx1000 Red Shumach 2 b 2IMG_9620bx1000 Red Shumach 2 bIMG_9621bx1000 2 Poison Oak Hiding in the Brush and GrassesIMG_9624bx1000 2 Summertime Dried GrassesIMG_9622bx1000 2 Drought Striken Poison OakIMG_9633bx1000 Grasshopper and Pine Cone 2 cropped0481 Fall Sumac SeedsRoadside BrushFall Leaves