Cottonwood Falls KS 2016_04_27_1479-4Cottonwood Falls KS Downtown 2016_04_27_1478-4Cowboy Gear 3401-1-1Justin Boot Display in the Western StoreIMG_3394-1 pl1 Bobcat by the Hats-1Tractor of Nails Bolts and NutsTractor of Nails Bolts and Nuts in BWLoom in a Yarn ShopLoom in Black and WhiteJustin Boot Display in the Western StoreIMG_3420-1 Gate Against a Wall Vertical Textured PrintIMG_3418-1 Gate against a Wall Textured PrintIMG_3417-1 Tall Wooden Double DoorsIMG_3406-1 Saddle on the Railing 2IMG_3405-1 Saddle on the Railing 1IMG_3399-1 Skull with HornsIMG_3397-1 Chest with HornsIMG_3394-1 pl1 Bobcat by the Hats3437 Display of Hats in Vintage Style