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Wagon on the Trestle 2

Another view of the metal wagon on the train trestle.

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Road Hawg! 2016_02_11_0841-2-2

A metal sculpture created from miscellaneous metal objects resembles a hog on a motorcycle.

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Swan on the Pond 9281-10-2 Swan on the Pond 9281-10-2Swan on the Pond 9281-10-2

Misty fog rises on an autumn morning as a one swan swims on a pond in Boxley Valley near Ponca, AR.  

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Barn 2015_11_20_0163-2 Barn 2015_11_20_0163-2Barn 2015_11_20_0163-2

Boxley Valley Barn, Ponca, AR in the Ozark Mountains. 

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Cold Shoulder IMG_7474-2 PL1

Cold Shoulder 

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Fox Creek School 9077a3 Fox Creek School 9077a3Fox Creek School 9077a3Historic Fox Creek School sits on a hill near the Z Bar Ranch at the Tallgrass Prairie National Park in Chase County, Kansas.
Watermark / Logo will NOT be on the finished print.

Historic Fox Creek School sits on a hill near the Z Bar Ranch at the Tallgrass Prairie National Park in Chase County, Kansas.
Watermark / Logo will NOT be on the finished print.

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Rolls of Protection 2016_04_07_1351-3-3

Large round bales of hay create a protective fence in front of an old abandoned farmhouse in northern Arkansas.

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Red Barn in Snow Red Barn in SnowRed Barn in Snow

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Limestone Farmhouse _MG_1895-1-2 Limestone Farmhouse _MG_1895-1-2Limestone Farmhouse _MG_1895-1-2Limestone Farmhouse in Morris County, KS

Limestone Farmhouse in Morris County, KS

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Photo of the Day: IMG_0470-2-2

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Photo of the Day: 2016_02_11_0852-4-2-2

Old Dodge Panel Van Grill.  Textured image. 

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Winter in Council Grove

Winter scene on Main Street in the small town of Council Grove, Kansas.

Photo of the Day.  

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Mr. Shinn's Workshop is the Photo of the Day Special. Mr. Shinn's Workshop

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Photo of the Day -6/06/17 01300 Out To Pasture Summer 2015 - 701300 Out To Pasture Summer 2015 - 7Photo of the Day 06-06-17


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Witter AR,

This old panel van is located near Witter, AR, along Highway 23 and south of Huntsville, AR.  

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